My SF Surgery

Hello everyone.. I haven’t told you but I used to have Scoliosis (AKA my spine isn’t straight) and it was a level ten. It was at 56 degrees before I got a surgery to fix it. I was in a hospital bed for almost a week for recovery and then I was finally able to leave again but I still had to stay in bed. This was three years ago, I am still dealing with pain in my spine but at least I’m straight. I was told that I was very lucky because only 9% of children survive the surgery. I was one of them 9% of children. But that was when I was 12. I am 15 now and I am recovering good. Im glad I am alive!


I love it when I get to go out and pick flowers! My sister and I went out on a hill and picked some flowers!!

Welcome to my Website

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Hellllllooooooo Everyone!! Welcome to my website!! Here you see daily blogs and pictures with things telling about my daily life!! I also sometimes do DIY crafts like the one above!! Enjoy!!!

I went to Brighton!!

I finally got to go to Brighton, U.K. It is absolutely amazing there and I met a lot of amazing people there as well!! The weather was also super nice there and I went to some super nice shops as well.


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Please help me guys!! I have writers block and I need ideas on what to blog about!! I want ideas from you guys!! I have been working on this cute Idea I got of putting these mini crosses on my walls and it turned out really well!

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